1938 Replica Nut Roaster

Roasting process is a simple batch-roast and serve process. It will roast 7-8 lbs. of raw peanuts per hour, and warms pre-roasted peanuts in 10 - 15 minutes. Warmer base provides warmed product storage. Warmer can be purchased separately. Adjustable temperature control dial allows the user to set the temperature depending on the product that is being roasted or warmed. Cabinet divider included. Stainless steel construction, Optional forced air blower Roasting action can be seen through glass front. Light attachment highlights the roasting process Panel slides up to load nuts. Control switches for heat; light and warmer Roasting drum stops rotating when the sliding panel is pushed Specifications Electrical:120V/60HZ:230V/50HZ;1250 Watts Dimensions:22”D x 28”W x 40”H
1938 Replica Nut Roaster
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Price $4,995.00